The Beach House

Between the river and the vineyards . . .

Welcome, from Rob and Sydney

The Beach House is our pride and joy. When we bought it in 2004, it needed a major facelift, and we spent many months and a lot of money turning it into what we consider a top-notch vacation rental – someplace we’d like to stay. (Which we do, as often as we can.)

But we didn’t stop there. Over the last eight years we’ve made scores of improvements, large and small – from insulation, double-paned windows, and sink disposal (Rob’s department); to fresh paint, a vintage gas stove, new bamboo floor, and lovely art (Sydney’s realm). Every time we visit, some part of the house ends up looking and/or working better.

We’ve seen a lot of vacation rentals, and can say in all honesty that the Beach House has the best linens, cooking supplies, and general amenities of anywhere we’ve been. That’s because we buy quality goods and pay for quality work – i.e., we spend more money – and visit frequently to keep on top of maintenance. We decided early on that it wasn’t worth having the house if we couldn’t be proud of it.

And we are proud. Countless guests have told us how much they’ve enjoyed the Beach House, and how much they appreciate our hard work and attention to detail. We hope you’ll join them. 

Please take some time to look at the other pages on this site, particularly Description/Photos.

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